Three Principles for Success

  1. Compress Time and Achieve More – Plan your efforts so that you can keep the momentum going. Remember; A body in motion STAYS in Motion unless acted upon by an outside force. When sending a rocket into space over 50% of the fuel is used to go the first 200 miles of the trip. The remaining fuel is all that is needed for the other 4000+ miles. Don’t spend two hours getting ready to make 10 phone calls. You are already “in motion” so go ahead and keep the momentum going and make 50 calls instead.
  2. DO NOW so you never have to do again – Too busy to get anything done? The illusion of “BUSY” is often an excuse to avoid what is hard and uncomfortable. Or possibly being “BUSY” is simply a sign of laziness or weakness. Too lazy to properly plan or too weak to follow the plan. Stop running around like a chicken that just had its head chopped off. Stop, make a plan, stick to it. Get it done.
  3. Have fun! We only take this journey once. Life is a game, be sure and play at it. – Even the most mundane tasks can become fun by turning them into a game. We all love to win and when we win our body produces a chemical called Dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure “drug” that when released can serve as an amazing “Performance Enhancing Drug”. Gamify your life and enjoy!

Zig Ziglar was often heard saying, “God don’t make no junk”. We were not put here on earth to fail or forever be stuck in mediocrity. Your success is right in front of you, just reach out and take it!